After School Care, 'AKS', IC

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Updates for 2020/2021


AKS, IC starts Monday 3 August 2020.


Welcome to Aktivitetsskolen, AKS at Manglerud skole, International Classes!

AKS, International Classes is located in building E.

Leader for Aktivitetsskolen at Manglerud skole is Mr. Gaute Våje.

We are currently recruiting a new Team leader for AKS, IC, so for the time being we ask that you currently contact Ms. Cecilie Edwards if you have any questions or concerns.

The leader and the team leader are responsible for developing the activities and ensure good communication between students, parents and teachers. Parents may contact the leader and the team leader by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need to leave a message.


Opening hours

Manglerud aktivitetsskole is open Monday to Friday 07:30 -17:00.
Aktivitetsskolen is closed during the month of July regardless of which day of the week is the first or last day in the month. In addition, AKS is closed on the day of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and on public holidays.


Morning Opening

Parents are welcome to bring their child to AKS from 07:30. The children may bring their breakfast from home and eat it in AKS if they wish.


A good start for students in PYP1/grade 1.
Our main concern is for new students in PYP1 to have a good start at AKS. Many students start AKS before they start school, so we focus a lot on making the students feel safe and comfortable in their new environment. We work on getting to know each other and to get to know the new surroundings. We work closely with the children in informing them about routines and things they need to know and answer any questions they may have. We talk about how to be nice to each other, respect each other, invite others to join a game, let grown ups know if things are not ok.

We recommend parents to bring their child between 08:30 and 09:30 and that the child has a short day in AKS the first day. To start AKS and school is very tiresome for young children as this a new situation and new people to relate to. We encourage parents to pick up no later than 15:00 the first day of AKS, if possible.


Start up and dismissal at AKS:
Many of students has a set time to go home. And parents may agree to a set time for the child to go home, please remember to inform staff. The best way to inform staff is to send an email to the team leader.

If you leave a message on the phone, please speak slowly and say your name and the name of the child and the grade level.

Collaboration home and AKS
For the child to thrive at AKS it is necessary with good communication. It is important that you inform staff of any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child. Staff will help and support you and your child the best way they can. 


Weekly schedule and information
Team leader will post the schedule for the following week on Fridays. The plan is posted on the school’s website under Aktivitetsskolen and schedules. The schedule is also posted on the information board at the entrance of building E.


Meals at AKS

Four meals are served at AKS from Tuesday – Friday. Mondays students bring an extra lunch pack for AKS. AKS has a designated kitchen in building A/B where food is served. A warm meal is served once a week. With the meals we serve milk, biola, water and some times juice.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 no meals are currently being served.


NB! During the holidays, students must bring an extra lunch pack as there is no serving of food.

The AKS meal is a light meal before the children and the home and have dinner/supper in their family home. AKS follow the guidelines from the health authorities in Norway.

If your child has any allergies or dietary concerns, please let the team leader know.


Locker and wardrobe

All students get a locker for school and AKS. It is a parental responsibility with the child to keep the locker clean and tidy. Cleaners may decline cleaning a locker if it is not tidy and orderly. We kindly ask that parents help staff ensure that the students have a nice and orderly locker.

Please bring: changing clothes, jacket, indoor shoes, water bottle and a lunch pack.

Please leave a plastic bag in the locker for dirty clothes. The children change clothes themselves, so we recommend that you practice with your child at home. Staff will help PYP1 students, so please keep in mind that the clothes and shoes are manageable for a younger student.

Please remember to label all items!


Holidays at AKS

AKS is open during all school holidays and there is a special program. We ask that all students attending AKS during the holidays sign up. The program is sent parents by email in due time before the holidays.

Planning days at AKS
There are two planning days in an academic year, and AKS is closed, but school is in session.

The first planning day this year is Thursday 13 and Friday 14 August. AKS is closed.


The School’s Website
News and updates are posted on the school’s website. We recommend parents to visit the page now and then for updates.


Plans for AKS and signing up

What do children do at AKS?

The Activity School is an alternative source of learning that supports the school's work with strengthening the children's social and academic development, offer educational activities that are structured and regular, and provide room for physical activity and play.

The school develops its own individual plan for AKS in lieu with the IBO, but adheres to the Framework for the Activity School and the Oslo Regulation for the Activity School.

AKS, Manglerud skole offers half time or full time places for grades 1- 4/PYP1-4.

Grade 1/PYP1 half-time place free of charge is available.

For more information and submit your online application, please follow this link: