Health and Well-being

The school is responsible for ensuring that all students have a safe and good school environment. The school also has a responsibility to safeguard against and handle bullying and other offenses. It covers the child's way to and from school, the school, the activity school, homework assistance and other activities organized by the school.

Zero-tolerance against bullying

Parliament made amendments to the Education Act to strengthen the rights of students who are offended against. A zero-tolerance against bullying, violence, discrimination and harassment is now enabled in the legislation. The principal and other school staff must seriously respond if a student says he or she is unhappy at school.

Schools' duty to respond

The new rules entails that all schools have a duty to respond. All school staff must make sure students have a safe and good school environment and they must respond to bullying and other offenses. Any school staff who suspects or is aware that a student is unhappy must inform the head of school (rektor).

The school must then investigate the situation and ensure the student's grievances are heard as soon as possible. The school must then implement appropriate measures to ensure the student gets a safe and good environment at school.

Enhanced duty to respond if a student is offended against by a member of staff

An employee at the school must inform the head of school immediately if he or she suspects or is aware that another member of staff has offended against a student. The head of school must inform the owner of the school.

Contact the school

Contact the school if your student is dissatisfied with the environment at the school. Request a meeting with the student's contact teacher. You can call or email. The school has a duty to respond quickly.

You may contact the County Governor (Fylkesmannen) if you are dissatisfied with the school's handling of the case. You can contact the Ombudsman for Children to register your complaint (https://barneombudet.no/english/). The County Governor will only handle the complaint if you have already been in contact with the school's head of school and if a full week has passed since the matter was raised with the school.

In case the County Governor concludes the school has failed to meet its responsibilities, it may be decided that the school has to implement specific measures.

You may also contact Oslo Municipality's Ombudsman against bullying (https://www.oslo.kommune.no/skole-og-utdanning/elevenes-velferd/mobbeombudet/) (Norwegian only). This is an independent person.  Children and parents/guardians can contact for assistance and advice.

Rules and sanctions

The Municipality of Oslo has a set of rules for behaviour in the schools (https://www.oslo.kommune.no/skole-og-utdanning/elevenes-velferd/ordensreglement/) (Norwegian). The school also has a local set of rules (outline in the the Parent-Student handbook). The rules specify unacceptable behaviour and appropriate response measures and sanctions that may be used against students that violate these rules.