About AKS International Classes

New for the 2023-2024 School Year


Welcome to the International Classes Activity School at Manglerud!

Manglerud Activity School, International Classes section is held in the E building. 

Leader: Gaute Våje 

Base Leader: Mihaela Jordet

Additional questions about AKS, or changes to school transport during AKS IC can also be directed to Ms. Cecilie Edwards. 


The Activity School Leader and Base Leader are responsible for developing the curriculum during activity school and to ensure good  communication and collaboration with students, parents and teachers. The Activity School Leader and Base Leader are available via telephone or mail. 


Opening Times

Manglerud Activity School is open Monday through Friday from 07:30-08:45 and 14:45-16:45.

The Activity School is closed the entirety of July regardless of which day the last and first days of july fall within a week. The Activity School is also closed Christmas, New Year's Eve and other bank holidays.  

Morning Opening

Parents may use their AKS space from 07:30 in the morning until school starts. Students are outside from 08:45-09:00 until school starts. Students can bring breakfast if they wish. Students with part-time spots may NOT use morning AKS. 


A safe start for first years.- About starting before school starts in August.

We prioritize that students should have a safe and smooth start at the Activity School. Many studnets start with the Activity School before school starts. During this time the Activity School focuses on students getting to know each other and the school. 
We follow up children closely, allowing them to talk about things they things they are wondering about or want help with. At AKS we will talk about everything from what we are doing at AKS, how to be kind and show respect towards other, inviting others to play, getting help from adults in situations that are uncomfortable, and practical bathroom routines and getting dressed for all sorts of weather. 

We recommend that children come to AKS between 08:30 and 09:30 and that the first days are shorter. There are lots of new experiences and children are very tired. We hope that the first days parents can pick up at the latest by 15:00. 

Many of our students have set engagements. That means parents will notify the baseleader when the child goes home and at what time. Children from years 2-4 can leave AKS on their own if the Base Leader is notified of when the child should be dismissed. 

Dropping Off and Picking UP

Arrange by communicating with the Base Leader at what time your child will arrive and leave AKS on a daily basis. We encourage parents to send messages via email or the AKS phone to the base leader before 12:00 on the given day, teacher and IC secretary to keep everyone informed to support your child. 

Parents who call during the afternoon are kindly asked to speak loudly and clearly by saying the child's full name and which class they are in- For example "Amrita Khan in 1IC" and to send important messages before noon whenever possible. 

Cooperation between AKS and Home

An open dialogue between parents and AKS helps to ensure that studnets thrive at AKS. It is important to be in touch with the base leader to inform about absences, changes to schedules, quesions, or if there is a need to problem solve together to ensure your child's growth and development. 


Weekly Plan 
A weely plan is made on Fridays about the coming week and posted to the website. The plan is found under "Schedules" under the AKS menu. Plans are also printed and visible in the AKS board inside the E building. 


Serving of Food
The Activity School serves 4 meals a week from Tuesday through Friday. On Mondays students need to have a second lunch (matpakke) that they eat at the Activity School. AKS IC has their own kitchen in the A/B building where simple food is prepared: open faced sandwiches with meat and cheese spreask, or cornflakes and milk. A hot meal is served once a week on Wednesdays. Milk and water are options to drink. Vegetarian and lactose free options are also available. All food served is vegetarian.

Attention!- During holidays students must bring two lunches (matpakke) from home. 

The meal served at AKS is a light meal with an expectation that students eat dinner at home. All meals are in line with the national health directorate's guidlines for food in school and is vegetarian.

Food allergies or intolerance should be reported to the base leader. 


Closets/ Wardrobe Lockers
Studetns at Activity School have the same lockers that they use during the day in school. It the parent's responsiblity to keep lockers clean and organized. School cleaning staff do not clean in lockers, and ask that all personal items are stored away and not on the floor which will block evening cleaning. We appreciate that everyone helps to keep our school clea and tidy. 

Remember to bring: Change of clothes, Jacket, inside shoes, water bottle, lunch boxes. 

Ensure that there is a change of clothes in the locker. We recommend an empty bag that students can fill with dirty clothes which is switched out weekly. Student change clothes on their own, and this should be practiced at home, as well as where to place used or dirty items. 

We of course help year 1 students with putting on approrpriate weather clothing. Remember to have appropriate clothing for changing seasons and weather. REMEMBER TO LABLE ALL CLOTHING ITEMS. 


Holiday offering at AKS

AKS is open all vacations with their own schedule and activity program. Students should remember to notify whether or not they will be attending AKS during the vacations. A notice is sent out to parents to fill in the days their children will pariticipate. A seperate schedule for those days will also be presented. 


Planning Days at Activity School

The Activity School has two plannning days a year during which the Activity School will be closed even if students are at school. You will be notified early on which days are planning days. The first planning days during the school year are August 18 and 19. AKS is closed on these two days. 


Information is update on our website and we ask that parents check back frequently.