Skolemelding App


Messages in the app, on web or e-mail 

Skolemelding is one of Oslokolens communication tools found in Skoleplattform Oslo (if you log in via the school's website). You may choose to download the app or recieve messages as email. You can also log in via the Skoleplattform Oslo -on the school's website- and read and write messages directly in this web portal. 

If you wish to deactivate the forwarding of messages to your email, you may do so in the app or in the web portal under "My Profile"


How to download the app

The Skolemelding app can be downloaded on phone or tablet. Search in the App Sotre/Google Play for "Skolemelding foresatte" for parents and guardians, or "Skolemleding elev og ansatt" for students and staff.  

Easy log in and push notifications 

The first time you log in as a parent you will do so through the ID-porten using your bank ID or Min ID (requires your personal or D number). Students and staff log in for the first time via Feide- the same username/password as used for the webpage log in.  

You can create your own PIN code or activate biometrics (i.e. use of finger print or facial recognistion). The next time you use the app you will only need to use your PIN or use the biometrics (fingerprint/facial recognition). 

The App sends pusch notifications so that you get notifications on your phone or tablet when you recieve a new message.  

For those that have more than one child, you can easily see which messages pertain to which child by filtering the messages on one child at a time. 


Reporting absences for students in grunnskole (1-10)

You may report your child's absence the following ways:  

  • In Skolemelding  App
  • In web portal in Skoleplattform Oslo (log in via the school's website) 
  • Call the school
  • Via IST Everyday

If you report an absnece in the webportal the message will automatically be sent to the child's contact teacher. For older students, who report their own absence the school has seperate routines- as students need to report to subject teachers as well. 


This is how to report an absence in the app: 

  1. Click on the pencil in the lower menu 
  2. Choose  “Meld fravær”. (report absence)
  3. Choose which child you are reporting an absence for. If you have children at different schools you must also choose the school. 
  4. Choose the date (today, tomorrow or other date) and time if applicable (only visiting a doctor, etc) 
  5. Press Send.

Due to privacy you may not write the reason for the absence. The App and other communication tools in Skoleplattform Oslo should not be used to send any sensitve or personal information such as health information.


Class Lists 

You can see the classlist for your child in Skolemelding App and in the portal Skoleplattform Oslo. This is so parents can more easily get in touch with each other.  

Class lists are only shared with parents in the same class. Contact teachers will also have access to see the classlist for their own class. 

You must agree to sharing contact information to be visible on the list. Activate your profile with contact information in the following way:  

  • in settings in Skolemelding App
  • under "Min profil" in Portalen i Skoleplattform Oslo (log in via the school's website).

Decide on which information you would like to share with others: 

  • Students name and your name
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail
  • Address

The school is regulated in sharing class lists in accordance with Public Information Act if someone should request information as long as the lists do not include any confidential information. Class lists are collected from the school administrative system. 

Changing contact information 

If you have children in grunnskole (1-10)

You can change telephone numbers and emails in  IST Everyday i Skoleplattform Oslo (pålogging via skolens nettside). Addresses are updated via the folk register.  


Contact the school's IT person for help and guidance.

If you experience issues with the App please send an email to  brukerstotteskolemelding@osloskolen.no or contact them via phone at 982 22 717. 

If the tools are not working we also suggest deleting the appl and downloading a newer version. You will not lose any messages by deleting the App.