Councils and Associations

They work with issues related to budget, the school's overall strategic development, national and international test results and evaluation of the school. The goal is to improve the school's autonomy, improve resource use and ensure that academic targets are reached.



Parent Association Meetings are held the first Monday of every month. These meetings are held in Norwegian. At the beginnning of the year International Classes parents select two parents, one main representative and a substitute to serve on the Parent Association and report back to parents. All the meeting minutes and further information about the Parent Association can be found on the Norwegian equivalent of this page: 




The International Classes have their own set of parent representatives. Two are selected from each class, one main representative and one substitute. 


The purpose of the IC Parent Representatives is to participate and provide feedback on the implementation of the IB programs. Representatives help the school 

  • "ensure that legal guardians are informed of the general characteristics of relevant programs and how the school implements them" (IB Programme Standards and Practices)
  • partake in review processes for PYP and MYP program policies, such as the inclusion, academic integrity, assessment and language policies
  • "inform the community of ongoing developments in the program and curriculum" (IB Programme Standards and Practices)
  • foster a collborative school community by promoting parent involvement in all facets of school life, such as UN day, the school garden, staff appreciation day, etc.


During the course of an academic year, the school hosts 5-6 meetings in a year. These are scheduled at the start of each year, two in the fall and three in the spring. 



The student council works to ensure a good school environment and to promote the rights and wellbeing of all students. Members are elected from every class starting in year 4.

The student council is an agent for democray and student voice. It offers the students a chance to enact change in their community and pariticipate in the democratic process. Student council representatives help

  • to bring student issues and concerns to the leadership
  • find solutions
  • build a strong community, and
  • provide feedback on the implementation of the IB programs, their curriculum and policies

International Classes has one student council, however students from years 8-10 help run the council and serve in key positions

Meetings take place monthly and are presided over by the Pedagogical leadership :


MYP Coordinator, Ms. Emma Tembo emma.tembo@osloskolen.no



The School Environment Association aims to include all students, teachers and parents in the active work of promoting a good school and education environment. Students and parents make up the majority of the association, which provides suggestions on how to ensure students' wellbeing.

Parent Representative Meetings

The next IC Parent Rep Meeting  for elected members will be held


Wednesday November 09, 2022



Handbook for Parent Reps and FAU