Pedagogical and Psychological Services (PPT)

The service is primarily organized through the school. It is available for all children as well as young adults with extensive educational needs in the Municipality of Oslo.

The Pedagogical and Psychological Services is available for children with special needs in kindergarten/child care or at home. The service provide advice to parents, kindergartens and the local public services on matters related to the child's development. In regards to assessment of educational needs before commencing school, parents/guardians must contact the child's local school, which can then make a referral to the service. Other referrals of children below school-age may be done by the local district (bydel).

Referral reasons may be varied and complex:

-          Suspicion of delayed development

-          Language and communication difficulties

-          Learning difficulties

-          Subject-specific difficulties

-          Concentration and attention difficulties

-          Behavioural difficulties

-          Social and emotional difficulties

-          Physical difficulties