AKS IC Yearly Overview

International Classes AKS Yearly Plan

The Activity School has a yearly plan covering different topics over a period of weeks. Weekly schedules are sent out and posted on the webiste with more specific details, such as trips or special activities. 



The Activity School's plans are tied to local plans and curricular outcomes on the backgournd of the AKS Framework's 5 areas. AKS is optional for students. The Activity school strives to provide students with a variety of activities that are student and adult driven, with a learning focus as well as free play and exploration. The national framework can be found here: https://www.oslo.kommune.no/getfile.php/13332454-1561977774/Tjenester%20og%20tilbud/Skole%20og%20utdanning/Aktivitetsskolen/28.06.2019-UDE_Rammeplan%20Aktivtetskolen%20Oslo.pdf